Old School Lightening

Paul in high school. Or so it felt.
          Another Friday in CoupleDumb and we need to wrap up our week of Lightening Up! As we write this, we are getting ready for a trip back to the mother land. We live in Miami but both of us were born and raised in good old Southern California. We met and fell in love in Torrance to be exact. We even attended the same high school but didn’t know each other since we were both going through some serious teenage angst during that time. Since those awful days, we have evolved and grown into different human beings. Tomorrow we will be at a reunion with our classmates from long ago and we think we can safely say we are scared shitless. 

          Lee says: I grew up in a relatively large family. I had two siblings and many first cousins and a few second and removed ones that played significant roles in the formative years of my life. My friends were few but I was not a hermit. Just picky. The hallmark of my life was that I was a funny person. That was how people knew me. Now, of course, within my family, I also was thought of as weird and crazy by certain family members but since they may start reading this at some point (one can hope) I will refrain from saying names (you know who you are).

          So why the walk down memory lane? Simple, we are talking about lightening up and that is exactly what I am committed to doing. Some people lighten up by not taking things seriously, dumping their baggage or learning to relax. I have done all three and still needed more lightening. I have acknowledged and faced my demons and shortcomings and weight and rage and addictions and still felt the intensity. I really began to lighten up when I found my voice in writing. I find that releasing the words and forming thoughts that tumble in an order to create sentences, paragraphs and pages is the best therapy I have ever had. This blog has allowed me to come out as a writer and I can be me in my words; crazy, funny, intense and serious. I can disclose that I am water and that I am fat and addicted and in love with my husband and driven crazy by my kids with little fear of repercussions. For that permission, I thank you.

          Paul says: Since Lee and I went to the same high school, only one year apart, some of the reunion crowd are my old classmates also. And I was uber-geek in high school. I was the picked on, shadow kid who aspired to fade into the background.  As we go into this reunion, I have no choice but to lighten up. Even I know that bringing a bunch of 30 year old baggage to a party wouldn’t make me the Dean Martin of the celebration. So I’m going in, having a drink and lightening up.



  • Your blog made you come out! heh. (snicker)

    Heart you Lee!!!!!

  • Katja

    Lee and Paul! I wish you a wonderful time at the reunion. While others may not know it, we are not who we were in high school. Most of us have grown and blossomed and realize that everyone of us is a valid and “worthy” person. Those that don’t have not grown since then remain shallow and mired in their own historical caste system.

    Wish I could be there with you. In the meantime, maybe we’ll all hook up on the east coast some time.

    hugs to you both! Enjoy the food, the weather and the experience!!!

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