Nutella Party

          Nutella. Just the name elicits thoughts of creamy, chocolaty goodness. Thanks to BSM Media and MommyParties, we had the chance to indulge in a lot of Nutella. We had a Nutella Party with a bunch of our friends. Funny thing, when you say you’re having a Nutella party, everybody shows up!

          We made some yummy things with our Nutella, we made a banana nut Nutella bread which was divine and some Nutella Rice Krispie treats.  We also let our guest spread Nutella liberally on cookies (peanut butter cookies and Nutella is to die for) and fruit.

          For those foodies out there, Nutella is easier to work with in recipes. It is easily spread and does not separate like chocolate when it gets cooked. It keeps its flavor and enhances its accompaniment. The kids liked eating it right out of the jar when we were cooking!

          Nutella is a pantry necessity for quick sandwiches or to spruce up a boring dessert.

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