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It’s Tuesday! Did you ever watch the old Mickey Mouse Club? Remember Cubby and Annette as they filed past in their Mickey ears? Such a simple time. Now this was way before our time as well but they embedded themselves in our psyche just like Mickey and McDonalds brain washes our offspring to the point that they say Mickey and Happy Meal before Mom and Dad. But we digress. Tuesday was a special day of the week since Tuesday was ‘Guest Star Day’. Today’s guest star is none other than Kate from ‘Chris and Kate’. Kate is a superstar in the entertainment industry. She has never starred with Sir Anthony Hopkins or any other muckity muck from the UK. However, we do believe that she has done multiple appearances with Rock Hardcoque. 

Lee says: Chris Rock says that his job as a father is to keep his daughter off the pole. Funny, but so true. Today the web series introduces us to Kate. Kate, even the way she’s filmed, is almost the antithesis of Chris. She speaks about herself and only herself. She starts the diary entry by discussing a life path. Interestingly enough, she also points to the ages of 9 or 10 when a person chooses a path. If you recall, Chris spoke of Kate being overly made up, belligerent and tattooed by the neighborhood thugs. She denies being abused but many kids, and the adults they grow up to be, miss the subtle signs of growing up in a sexually charged home.

          Porn stars aren’t born in a vacuum. Kate reports that at the age of 10 she started a computer relationship with a 45 year old, who subsequently gave her gifts, took picture and would tranquilize her to have sex with people. She says her father and uncle saw her video then burned down her older boyfriend’s home. Did anyone catch that? Her father and uncle were looking at porn together. They were watching kiddy porn! You do understand that you don’t have to touch a child in order to sexually molest them, don’t you? Kate may not have been abused by touch but the permissiveness and sexual undertone of her home is evident in her life path. She was active at the age of 9?!

          The sadder part of the entry was about how she believed that people didn’t know the real her. She says that people see her as bold and brash. I guess starring in ‘Midgets Need Love Too’ would give you that idea about anybody. Kate is the classic abused woman with hardly any understanding of her own feelings (which she claims to have ‘some’.) I don’t see any blatant personality disorder (but it’s not off the table yet) but I can see Post Traumatic Stress. Then again, midget fucking might do that to sanest of us.  

          Paul says: I’m not a professional therapist but I do see the obvious signs of Crazy Bitch Syndrome. I think that most guys have an innate ability to identify CBS. Kate is (and I know that I am going to get into trouble for this) the kind of woman that you have sex with but do not tell her your real name. As a precaution, leave your wallet at home and pay for drinks in cash.

          The only guys that miss the symptoms of CBS in a woman like Kate are guys like yesterday’s star, Chris. Kate comes off as ‘brash’ but in reality is sensitive and caring, unless you cross her. Then she will cut out your heart and wave it in front of you. (Ok, maybe I’m speaking from my own issues.) I’m guessing that Kate goes from hot to cold, changing directions with such speed that Chris envy’s Wile E. Coyote’s ability to keep up.  

          The best part about Kate is that she is fun. If you are not on the business end of her craziness, she is all kinds of entertaining. I look forward to seeing what cuckoo’s nest she flies over on Thursday.


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