Not Long Ago

Content by Mitch Osborne

Not too long ago my boss went on this crazy tear to upgrade all the technology in the office. That doesn’t sound like a huge deal until you realize none of the technology have been touched since about the 1960s and it was going to be quite an ordeal getting them all switched over. I talked to my boss about and though he seemed to like the idea he didn’t really understand which is part of the reason none of this has ever been changed before. It’s really hard to try and talk someone into spending a lot of their hard-earned money on something they totally don’t understand… Why would boss buy a faster Internet connection if he doesn’t really understand how crucial using the Internet is to this business? It’s going to be an uphill battle but when it’s all said and done we are all going to be really happy with the outcome. I can’t imagine not working here or having to do something different with my life.

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