Inflammation hurts. I found this out when I went to an allergy doctor for the first time. I went to this guy because it seemed that I was having seasonal allergies. He did all of the test, two rounds with a lot of shots. I now know how a pin cushion feels. A couple of weeks later, he gave me a four page list of stuff to which I had allergies. I did not know that I had any allergies let alone four pages worth. The amazing part was that I was having aches and pains. At one point I went to a rheumatologist to check me for arthritis. (I did not have arthritis, by the way.) It is amazing how toxins in the body can cause inflammation and pain.

Now every so often Lee and I do a cleansing. Sometimes we will fast. Other times we do something to flush us out like a huge amount of fruit. Generally we use something that is heavy on antioxidants like nopalea. It is a daily supplemental drink that has antioxidants which are scientifically proving to be good for inflammation. The antioxidants are called Betalains. Besides the good effects on the joints, it is also showing to be good for digestion and body detoxification. So when Lee and I do our detoxing, it is our way of putting our health first. It is part of a focus on our well-being and a commitment to being healthy. We recommend that to everyone.

Now I do anything that I can to keep my systemic inflammation at bay. Things like Nopalea that I can drink daily and that has antioxidants that are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation. It is also a general wellness and detox drink. By the way, you try it for free (only pay $9.95 for shipping) by calling 1-800-203-7063.

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