No Resolutions

Ha Ha. Echo. Echo

          Well, how are those New Year resolutions going? Did you start them yet? Have you already failed? Or did you give up declaring ‘I don’t do new year resolutions’ sometime in December? If so, then you came to the right place. We don’t believe in them either. So keep reading and we can fill your head with all kinds of good reasons not to diet, hit the gym, eat a salad or all of the other things that you promised would start at midnight on the first day of the year. Welcome to Monday at CoupleDumb for the week that we call ‘No Resolutions’.

          Paul says: How many New Year’s have I promised myself to hit the gym 5 times a week and get buff ala Brad Pitt in Troy. Yet my six pack is still safely nesseled under a protective blanket of fat, hidden from sight. The second half of January has salads but by February the golden arches calls to me. The problem with creating a New Year resolution is that they are not grounded in reality. They are a hopeful look forward, which I am all for, but without any acknowledgment of any past. They are, in essence, a giddlily happy way to lie to ourselves. It is like pointing a roman candle at your face, being delighted with all of the pretty colors, and hoping that this year your eyebrows stay intact.

          That being said, I heartily believe in change as a good thing and we all have to start somewhere. But to say that everything that I did in the past does not exist just because I have declared my new resolution to change my life is a little brain damaged. We cannot start over but we can start new. That, more than anything, is the distinction between the falacy of the resolution and the power of intention. With a resolution we all believe that the stupid things that we tried in the past never happened. This is great for people with brain damage that affects their short term memory but for the rest of us, we need to acknowledge who we are then, and only then, can we bring out the potential that is within us.

          This is where we bring in the intention. With an intention, we get to say ‘I know who I am and I will tease out this wonderful person that is me’. As opposed to saying that I am only eating salads this year or that I’m going to lose weight, I get to create an intention that I will be the healthiest person that I can be. This way, I can have a piece of cake as long as I am mindful of the reasons for eating it, because you know what? Cake taste good and always saying no makes me really grouchy. And a grouchy Paul is not healthy for anyone.

          For me, I have found that intentions are like a genie in a bottle. They are magical and wish-fullfilling and, sometimes, dangerous. ‘I do not want to think about a job or a mortgage,’ is the same intention for the independently wealthy and the homeless. So, this year, no resolutions. Try making intentions. What will your life look like if you start with that wonderful, screwed up, everchanging, materially flawed and divinely perfect person that you are? What are your intentions for that person?

          Lee says: We let you peek at our intentions for this magnificent year. We want to see yours. Come on!

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