No More Reality

Marlin is happy to be holding a young pussy. (I'm sorry but I had to say it.)

          Friday of Reality TV week and we can safely say that we have lost more brain cells watching some of this crap than in all the drinking we have done over the years. Come on people, who else but your friends at CoupleDumb would subject themselves to watching ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’? We have come to the conclusion that TLC is a social experiment conducted by the Discovery Channel of how low humans can go. They corner all the dysfunction of a wedding, large family, little people and their families, cakes, barbeques, motorcycling and tattooing. We always thought the ‘L’ in ‘TLC’ stood for ‘Learning’ not ‘Lousy’. So we are spent. We have watched and wretched to most of these so-called Reality Shows and have come to the conclusion that these shows fall into three camps: educational, shocking and freak show. 

          When we were kids, we had animal shows to watch. Every Sunday, we would watch the Wonderful World of Disney and it would usually include exotic animals in their natural habitat or we could watch Marlin Perkins as he showed us the zebras on the savannahs of Africa. These shows demonstrated the beauty, oddity and differences in our world. The animals were humanized and we felt closer to a wildebeest and had respect for the wolverine. 40 years later, we still have those animal shows but our need for oddities is not quenched by a blue tongue skink or zorse. Reality TV is the new Wild Kingdom and Jeff Probst is the new Marlin Perkins. We have become the animals and watching them is akin to laughing at the silly monkey in the cage. Does anybody else find this sad?


  • I pretty much find all reality TV sad. I remember when the People’s Court was on years ago w/ Judge Wapner and I liked it. But I can’t stand watching Judge Judy or any of the others. Same premise, I know, but somehow the people have changed…can they get any more outlandish or ridiculous? They sound fantastic, I know, but I see them every day walking around town….I don’t want more of it when I turn on the TV.

    I wonder why people are willing to do and say whatever it takes for a <15 minute nugget of network fame. Does anyone really remember who the runner-up was in the 3rd season of Big Brother, Survivor or Hell’s Kitchen? Hell, I don’t even remember who won. Oh yeah, it’s because I don’t watch. But my point is: it’s empty. And, don’t get me wrong, I like empty- but I prefer a sitcom or drama where the people are being assholes because it’s scripted.

  • You are definitely not alone in finding the reality show offerings to be anything but sad. I have not seen a reality show that I can stomach for more than ten minutes. My wife watches them all which means that we have had less and less to talk about since the advent of these shows. I simply don’t get them. Aside from being incredibly staged, most of the people who are featured seem to have no self-esteem. The current television offerings cause me to pine for The Waltons, and I never thought that I’d be saying that.

    • Ray, Wanting the Waltons back on is almost like committing slow suicide. However, this might be better than watching the reality shows. I think you have something here. Thanks for stopping by!

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