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I cannot imagine the feeling of losing a child. In fact the thought of it sends me into a panic. The grief is immeasurable. When we hear things like every 20 seconds a child dies of a preventable disease, we think of the life lost but hardly mention the grief stricken parents, siblings and family left behind. The loss of the child is a permanent wound in a heart that can mend but can never be whole.

Now, imagine if you can save 1 child and in turn saving their families from the pain of that loss. Would it be worth $20.00 to you?

$20.00 can vaccinate 1 child for life. With $20.00, which translates to a pedicure or your daily latte for a week, you can give a child a shot at living a full life.

Please go to my immunity page. And take the pledge.

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  • ConnieFoggles

    I can’t imagine losing a child, but I know those are real statistics. After learning about the work of Shot@Life, I know that they are working toward saving as many children’s lives as possible.

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