New Year- New You!

Do you hate when people say, New Year- New You? It seems a lot of people are making light of failed resolutions and this idea that you can remake yourself if you are committed to it. Sad, really. These are the same folks who will be first in line to say, ‘I told you so’ or ‘it won’t change anything’. These are the sad sacks who promote themselves as realist but are truly just bitter cynics.

You Have All The Letters

As you get older you will find that people tend to split up into a few groups. You have the lost folks who don’t quite have a direction and fear making a decision in case it is a mistake. You have the hopeful ones who will try anything just in case it works. Then you have the negative ninnies who ‘why bother’ everything since nothing will ever change or get better. These folks are the ones who see nothing wrong with spoilers or telling folks that all politicians are crooks and we are all getting screwed. They believe their cynicism is really intelligence when it is actually a veil of negativity founded in a fear of change.

Don’t be that person. Life is too short to put off what you want and who you want to be.

Make plans.

Have hopes.

Start the diet on a Thursday- you don’t need to wait until Monday.

Challenge yourself


Dream Big!

Encourage others.

Be nice.

And if the cynic rears its ugly head, kiss it on the forehead and say ‘thanks, I’ve got this!’

Things do change and those who believe they don’t are always scared to be left behind.

Happy New Year from CoupleDumb! New Year- New You!

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