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Monday is here and we are busy covering a conference for Mingle Media. We would love to be here chatting with our readers but duty calls and Lee is ready for her close up. It’s amazing that 2 years ago we were sitting at home wondering how we would ever get people to read our stuff and today we are getting over 1000 viewers of Relationship Rehab a week and thousands of readers a day at our site. Maybe there is something to all this new age mumbo jumbo?

Lee says: Call us hippies. We don’t mind. We have watched ‘What the Bleep’… we have travelled ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and we know our ‘Erroneous Zones’. We are ‘those’ people and we have worn crystals and lit incense and chanted and intended and done vision boards. I am not ashamed of any of this. People make fun of it but honestly I feel sorry for those people. You know who I’m talking about. They are the skeptics. The nay-sayers. The ‘how stupid is that’ people. They are the ‘Doubting Thomas’ of our time. They are Penn and Teller and a whole slew of Amazing Randy’s. These are the people who would not have a glimpse of light enter their darkened universe because hope is a con and pain is real.

I will admit that I am skeptical and cynical by nature. I am not a fanatic and my hip hurts too much to jump on band wagons. I would consider myself cautiously optimistic when it comes to many of these New Agey things. I have tried them and I have seen results. But what the cynics fail to tell the masses because they never learn this themselves is the following: None of this works if you are not open. If anything, ‘The Secret’ is a compilation of things we have already heard and the secret really is a collection of things we already knew but for some (many) it was the first time they had heard some of these things. Reading, seeing and hearing that you can be the architect of your future is tired, if not clichéd, but believing it with every fiber of your being is a different animal all together. Believing it means that you are co-creating your life and in turn are responsible for everything. For some, that is enough to send them into the fetal position but for others who have been looking for the clue on how to live a happier life, this is like discovering gold in your back yard. This is ‘the aha experience’ that people yearn for.

There is no secret. That’s just a clever marketing title. There is no great ancient wisdom passed on from the Toltecs or Mayans or Aliens or your third grade teacher. The information that they are peddling has been part of our collective unconscious since the first protozoa oozed out of the slime. Knowing we are all the same and believing we are all the same is as similar as sugar and arsenic. One is a beautiful platitude that makes people think you are swell guy but the other kills whatever shreds of ego you had. Pride and me-firsts and entitlement and privilege are thrown away when you believe that we are all one. See? No secrets here.

The only real transformation that any of these programs holds is the ability to spark openness in people. Are you going to seriously walk around life with blinders on and deny the daily miracles or are you going to wake up, come back to life and revel in the magic. I think life is too short to be cynical and closed. I’ll get up in the morning, crank up my Krishna Das, chant, thank God, create my intentions and be grateful. To all my fellow travelers who have dropped the blinders, I say Namaste. To everybody else, I promise not to hand you flowers at the airport or knock on your door anytime soon.

Paul says: These ancient wisdoms were brought to you by Lee, now in her new role as Cuban-American mystic. You can buy her videos on where she will channel such modern gurus as Paul Lynde, Stevie Wonder (who apparently is not dead but this will not stop her from channeling him) and your dog, Sparky.

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