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I was certified as a Hypnotherapist 17 years ago. I have used it as a practitioner and as a client. As the person in the chair I can tell you without any reservation that the benefits I have received from hypnotherapy have been immeasurable.  In many cases, I have been able to go back into my past and right the wrongs, heal the traumas and generally make sense of the senseless. I do not know who I would be today if I had not taken that training all those years ago.

Hypnosis has been used in the field of psychology for nearly 200 years. Freud and Erickson were among some of the more famous users of this technique. Hypnosis is mostly famous for the cheap parlor tricks and the stage shows showing people squawking like chickens or sci-fi films referring to hypnosis as a mind control technique.  These shows do more to hurt than help. The following are a list of myths about hypnosis:

1. Hypnosis is mind control: NOPE! Hypnosis is simply a trance state where the person hypnotized is relaxed and open to suggestion. The hypnotized are not sleeping and are aware of everything that is going on. Also, all hypnosis is self hypnosis since the hypnotized is in control.

2. Only weak minded people can be hypnotized: NOPE! Anyone can be hypnotized. In fact, human beings go in and out of hypnosis all the time! For example: Have you ever been watching TV and someone is calling your name and you do not notice them? That is a trance-state. In fact, they have found that very intelligent people tend to be more susceptible to trance.

3. Hypnosis is MIND CONTROL:  We said, NOPE! People in hypnosis are perfectly capable of saying ‘no’ to their hypnotists. In fact, the person you see squawking like a chicken would probably have squawked before being hypnotized. You are in control.

4. Hypnosis is evil: NOPE! This belief comes from the idea that hypnosis is mind control. Now that you know it isn’t you should conclude that it isn’t an ‘invitation to the Devil’ or ‘demonic’. It is relaxation.

5. Hypnosis is just a parlor trick: NO WAY! Hypnosis is used in all forms of therapy and even medicine. Women use it to offset the pain of labor. Dentists use it for individuals with anesthesia issues. Hypnosis is considered one of the best techniques to manage pain!

Hypnosis is not the scary thing that the media and superstitious types have made it out to be. This is a great way to relax and can be done by anyone.  For practitioners in your area, please leave a comment and we would be happy to make a referral.



  • zipporahs

    Years ago my hubby went to a hypnotist (also a PhD in psychology and the dean of students at a community college) to quit smoking. He walked out mumbling something about a rabbit and a top hat & cape. Truth is he never smoked again, and it worked very well for him.

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