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When I was a little girl, I was terrified of brick buildings. I knew if my Mom took me to a brick building it meant I was going to get a shot. I remember one time my Mom put me in the car and we drove to that despicable building. I began crying before we even entered. I sat in the exam room whimpering like a whipped pup waiting for the horror of the needle.

All of a sudden, a lovely African American woman entered and placed the tray on a counter. She came up to me with a smile and told me that it was my lucky day. I, never being the gullible sort, looked at her wearily. She reached back to her tray and picked up a little plastic cup. Inside the cup was a sugar cube.

“Now eat up and you’ll be alright,” she said.

I took the sugar cube and sniffed it to make sure it wasn’t a trick. I ate the sugar cube and to my surprise it was sweet and delicious. My Mom was confused. The nurse explained to her that I had just ingested the polio vaccine. She told her that this new way of administering the polio vaccine was safe and was less traumatic for kids. All I knew was that I was a happy little girl.

40+ years later, we have the opportunity of wiping so many horrible diseases off the planet. The same diseases for which I received vaccines from that brick building have been on the verge of eradication for a while.  Unfortunately, Polio has recently reemerged in areas that had been polio-free for years and measles still kills an estimated 450 people each day—the majority of whom are young children. It does not make sense that we have not made it a priority to protect every child on earth from diseases for which we have vaccines. A simple sugar cube could save a child from a crippling disease.

Last night, my niece celebrated her 10th birthday with a sleepover. My sister-in-law and brother stayed up watching 16 little girls giggle and play until the wee hours. As some of the girls passed out from exhaustion, the older girls poured Pixy Stix® in their mouths. Waking up with something sweet in your mouth is not anything like a hand in warm water. The sweetness reminded me of my sugar cube.  I know that my niece will never forget last night and the many more celebrations she has in her future.  I wish the same for every child on earth. Many more sleepovers and having a life as sweet as a sugar cube.

Whether with a sugar cube or with a needle, diseases like polio can be eradicated from the earth. The Shot@Life foundation is committed to giving children around the world a chance at life. Please take a look, get involved, and save a life.

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  • ByWordsMusings

    Life could really be as sweet as sugar if we all looked for the good and tried our best to make a difference … or be the difference.  Yes, we should BE the difference.  We owe it to those out there who are depending on us xxx

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