My Relationship With Carbs

Lee and I have been on all kinds of diets. One of us has tried to lose weight while the other was trying to gain it. Some of the diets that we have tested out include the one where we ate all of our food in order, starting with fruit because it decomposed faster. There was also the one that was built to match your blood type. For me, the best diets have incorporated Low Carb Food and high protein. This was always good when I would exercise regularly. It helped me build muscle mass and keep my lean physique.

I was not a big fan of the Atkins diet because it was not low carb. It was no carb. I find that carbs are important in my diet. Atkins had too much meat. Besides the fact the meat cost an arm and a leg, it was not real good on my cholesterol or my digestive system. I found that legumes and nuts where the best for my particular metabolism. Beans gave me the perfect balance of protein and carb. A meal of curry chicken and lentils was the ideal food to sustain my body type. Of course, exercise is the most important. Food only supplements the benefits of good exercise. It does not replace it. I make sure to exercise every day, with some type of weight training/muscle building at least three times per week.  Matching that with a low carb and high protein diet keeps me in pretty good shape.

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