My Modnique Shopping Adventure

We love the holidays. We think the holidays should be a time to spend time with loved ones and not about the hustle and bustle of crowded parking lots and surly holiday shoppers.  We love them so much we start buying gifts in August. We love them so much that we are the crazy people who put up our lights right after Halloween. We love them so much we prefer not to enter a mall so the chaos won’t affect our holly jolly spirit. To that end, we shop early and mostly on-line. We were given some store credit to check out The result? Modnique is not your typical site because no one has the deals they do.

Soon to be on my arm

There are certain life essentials that make shopping for some quite easy. For me, buy me a purse, handbag or luggage and I am your eternal slave. I had a very difficult time scrolling through the hundreds of purses, satchels, clutches and handbags of varying designers without making my own Christmas list! When I say there are hundreds of purses from every designer you can imagine I am actually minimizing the experience of checking them all out. The vast variety is only trumped by the prices. Most of the merchandise on the site is greatly reduced and some even more inexpensive than the knockoffs at the off brand stores.

A more comprehensive look at the site reveals that they have something for everyone. Modnique has apparel and accessories for men, women and kids. The clothing ranges from jeans to nice blouses, shirts, dresses and even lingerie. The shoe selection is bordering on a fetish. And, like with the handbags, we are talking brand names like D&G and Alexander McQueen merchandise greatly reduced.

But you ask, what’s the big deal? Lots of sites have reduced prices. Sure, but do they have 20 days of deals? Modnique’s 20 Days of Deals are going on right now and they are in a word, AMAZING! They kicked off the deals by selling Ipad Minis for less than $100. Yes, you read that right. Wait, it gets better, the deals are not just for 20 days. They always have daily deals but right now you can purchase the hard to get brand name merchandise you always wanted.

I’ll be honest. I couldn’t resist the purses. I bought myself a blue London Fog Kelly Satchel. I figure my birthday is next month and it was time I got myself something I wanted. And, I had plenty of money left over in my budget to get Paul something for Christmas. So, be nice to yourself. Avoid the crowded shopping centers and pour yourself a cup of coffee and peruse the site at your leisure. I will warn you that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted and ultimately lost out on some great deals. But, the great news is that the site is updated constantly. I may not have gotten my first choice but ultimately I bought something better at a better price!

Thanks to Splash Media and Modnique for my store credit (and my new purse) for this review. All opinions and purse fetishes are mine, all mine.

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