My Little Hand Pains

Paul says: Here is a little story for you. Years ago, I was having pretty consistent pain in my hands and feet, more so my hands. I thought that I was arthritic. So I went to the same rheumatologist as Lee. He is a really nice guy who looked at me, did a bunch of tests, then said that I have ‘old hands’. Nothing more. Just old hands.

Apparently, some pain and stiffness is part of the aging process. Nobody sent me the memo. So stuff like Nopalea might be something that will help with my day to day inflammation and general achiness. It is a daily supplemental drink that has antioxidants which are scientifically proving to be good for inflammation. The antioxidants are called Betalains. Besides the good effects on the joints, it is also showing to be good for digestion and body detoxification.

Right now they are offering the drink for free. All you need to do is pay for the shipping which is less than $10. You can order by calling 1-800-203-7063. This seems like a good idea. I figure, it can’t hurt to try it out. Especially if it is free. Free is my favorite price.

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