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Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This year will be a little different for me. For the last 11 years I have celebrated this special day with some very special women. Of course, I am blessed to still have my Mom and it is always great to spend time with her. When I was a child, Mother’s Day was really a chance for the family to get together and have a picnic. The men would char meat and we would all play a contentious game of softball. Sure, the game should have been friendly but Reyes’ do not lose gracefully (or win for that matter).  I became a Mom in 1993 and Mother’s Day became very different. I wasn’t satisfied with a day of sweating in a park and muscle strain on the field. I wanted something nice!

As I mentioned, for the last 11 years I celebrated Mother’s Day with some very special women. During the day, the men would make the Mommies a brunch and I would get to spend some time with my Mother and Grandmother. By 5pm, I would start the real celebration and go out with my sister and sister-in-law. We would go to see a movie, get a coffee and hang out. For the last 8 years, this was my favorite part of the celebration. I celebrated with my favorite Mom’s! This year I am 3000 miles away and I can say I’m a little sad about that. I wonder what kind of new traditions we can create this year.

So what do you give the women who gave you everything? This year I am trying out eBay for gift ideas. eBay has created a gift guide that helps buyers shop for Mother’s Day gifts.  eBay is giving everyone a bunch of chances to win some great prizes between now and Mother’s Day. Check out these sites to enter:

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As a treat, please check-out the lovely video eBay created for Mom’s like me. It’s a rare treat and I am sure that your Mom friends would love it.

This is a sponsored post thanks to eBay and Splash Media! All opinions are CoupleDumb’s, as always.

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  • ConnieFoggles

    Our family events have changed through the years, but the main focus is on family. I do my best to keep family traditions, though. Sorry that you won’t be spending Mother’s Day with a lot of your family that you love.

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