Motherhood and Star Trek

I want a Star Trek glass, now!

As the country prepares to take their Mommy’s out for a loud brunch on Sunday after waiting in line for hours with starving children that make women seriously consider never being found in this predicament, our attention is drawn to something much more important. Sure, we can celebrate our mothers any day of the week by cleaning our rooms, being successful or wearing clean underwear, but how often do we receive the incredible gift of a new Star Trek film?

Lee says: The topic today is a little muddled because, quite frankly, I am. I have been battling a cold all week, writing and marketing while doing all of my usual Mommy chores. They say a woman’s work is never done but I remember a day long ago before children when I had no qualms putting up my feet and leaving them there if I was tired. That is a luxury I can no longer afford but enough about me.

          On Wednesday, my husband decided that fast food would be a good choice for dinner since I wasn’t feeling well and still had many things left to do on my list. We opted for Burger King since our son, Bobby, said he wanted Star Trek toys. What we didn’t know was that aside from the cool toys they were also selling collectors glasses with characters from the film. As I pulled up I pointed that out to Paul who I could swear held his breath in anticipation. I ordered the food and turned to see Paul still holding his breath and turning bright red. I quickly added a glass so that he could finally breathe again. For $1.99, I gave my husband joy.

          So you are wondering, what’s the point Lee? WTF does this have to do with relationship or the theme of the week? Did you drink too much champagne yesterday during the radio show which I can now listen to as a podcast on ITunes? Yes, but that is beside the point. I realized in those few moments as he ogled his glass, etched with the Enterprise insignia and sporting a young Uhura that over 20 years ago, what I wanted more than anything else was to be married to this man and have kids. Before I adopted or gave birth, I was already a mother; I just lacked the evidence that society requires for the title.

          Our definition of Mommy is very fucked up and I would encourage the world to revisit it. We accept that a mother is a woman who gives birth to a child. We begrudgingly extend the same definition to a woman who adopts. We add a “step” to a woman who parents the children of her spouse as if she has to prove herself in this difficult situation. We smile weakly at women who dedicate their lives to their animals and call themselves “mommies”.

          Birthing a baby is no big feat. Sure it hurt a lot but ultimately, it hurt me more when I cut my babies finger nails and made him bleed. That trauma, even though it was two years ago, still lingers while the birth experience is a mere anecdote. I respect and salute any woman out there who gives of themselves to nurture another living being. I respect and salute any woman or man who must do the job of both parents because their work is never done. I send a shout out for those Step Moms out there that receive no respect either from the kids or fairy tales.

          I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my husband for kindling in me the desire to parent. I remember thinking that I wanted to make more people like him in this world and as I watched him play with the Star Trek toys with the boys I realized I had done just that. So thanks honey for my early Mother’s Day Present. You can still bring me my coffee on Sunday but you can tell the kids I won’t need the gallon bottle of Jean Nate.

          Paul says: Just to elucidate they level of my geekiness, the picture above is from the Star Trek episode ‘Gamesters of Triskelion’. Maybe Mother’s day should be a Star Trek marathon.

Happy, thankful and laugh filled Mother’s Day to all from CoupleDumb.



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