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Real Relationship Advice (from the front lines on the War On Women)

We have been fighting in Afghanistan for 11 years. We have almost 60,000 troops overseas fighting this horrible war. We are also fighting a different war in this country, The War on Women. You may argue that unlike Afghanistan, the War on Women does not exist or at least there would be no casualties. I disagree. One of the prongs of The War on Women is systematically taking away a woman’s right to choose. We know that Romney has stated he would repeal Roe v Wade. We know the Ryan has introduced legislation redefining rape as forcible and legitimate while also introducing ‘personhood’ legislation.

We know that Republicans all over the country feel free to spout uneducated bullshit about a woman’s body shutting things down  , rape being another form of conception and now Richard Mourdock’s lovely idea that “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something that God intended to happen.” And who can forget vaginal probes and abortion waiting periods like we were trying to purchase a gun.

Yes there will be casualties in all of this; our rights, our chance at equality and women’s lives. Back alley abortions are not urban myths. It’s easy for a man to say that there is no war on women, his rights are not threatened. It’s easy for a woman to say that she does not feel threatened, her freedom to do with her body as she wants is not threatened at the moment. All that is required to see the War on Women is empathy. You may also want to hum a little “I’m every woman” to get you in the mood. We must fight to keep abortion legal, birth control and fair pay not just for us but for our daughters and every woman in America.

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