Mom’s Nite Out Coverage

We had the opportunity of attending the Miami version of the National Mom’s Nite Out celebration and, we have to admit, it was impressive. Like a three ring circus of mom-hood, the event held two staging areas that boasted vendors and organizations of special interests to moms and a main stage where the Miami International University of Art and Design held a fashion design contest called Style Wars.

Three teams of students were given a pile of fabric, a model, and one hour to create a stunning piece of fashion. Thanks to Pizza Hut, who gave us a twenty-five dollar gift card to feed our kids and our daughter babysitting the boys, we got to hang out and talk as the design students frantically created red carpet fashions out of next to nothing.

We immediately gravitated to the folks from Sweetness, a family run bakery on Sunset in Miami. We talked with Yami and Stephanie, a mother and daughter team, about the ups and downs of working with family as guests of the Dadeland Mall in Kendall sucked down more than two hundred of the most delicious cupcakes you can imagine.

As we ate cupcakes and drank wine, the students were breaking a sweat as they covered underwear-clad models with swatch upon swatch of fabric of every texture and color. Slowly we could see the clothes transform, ala Cinderella, into beautiful evening gowns. As the hour wore down, Shannon Hori of CBS 4 news called time and drew the models to the runway. If you want to see the dresses and know who won, you are going to need to watch the video. You didn’t think we would give it away that easily, did you?

As exciting as Style Wars was, we cannot forget the fact that this night was about moms and the hope that they nurture into existence every day. This could not have been more evident as we spoke with Emily Martinez-Lanza, an 18-year-old young lady who founded the organization Teens Against Domestic Abuse (TADA). As her mom watched beaming, she told us of the creation of TADA, of the family friend that died of abuse, and of the future of the organization. Emily, who will be attending Harvard in the Fall, wants to take the organization, with its message of hope, to the next level as she turns it into a 501(c)(3) non-profit such that she can generate more funds to educate youth on signs and prevention of domestic abuse.

We stood in awe of this young woman and of the mother by her side. It is to all of the moms like her that create a better world, one healthy, happy child at a time, that we say thank you.

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