Mindfulness and The Power Of Intention

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The practice of being mindful takes just that, PRACTICE. Many people start to get disheartened when they feel the world creeping back into their peaceful states. The problem with trying to practice mindfulness as if they were gurus on a mountaintop is that gurus rarely need to take the kids to karate class or come up with dinner for 5 in 20 minutes. Mindfulness is a space, not an exercise. Mindfulness is a way of being, not an adjunct to your pilates/yoga class. You can do it anywhere at any time.

In Wayne Dyer’s ‘The Power of Intention’, he explains that an intention is more than a goal; it is a fact. To be able to fully understand the power of creating an intention and witnessing its fruition, one needs to be mindful. Practicing mindfulness is to be aware. Many times we wish for things or write these long lists of resolutions and become crushed under the weight of the responsibility of the goals with which you have burdened yourself. We always focus on the doing and forget about the being.

Mindfulness is all about the being. There are no set rules of breathing or focusing on your third eye to be mindful. An intention is fulfilled when we are mindful of it. If we intend to be happy, does that depend on running those 5 miles or is it something that you are? If we intend to get a job, does it depend on writing a great resume or on being the best candidate for the job? ‘Being’ is completely housed in our mindfulness.

‘Being’ is demonstrated through deliberate actions. When we create an intention and are mindful of it, our ‘beingness’ creates intentional actions. Our whole being moves us toward the intention!

The Power of Intention is just that- power. There is a certain energy created when we intend things. The true power of the intention resides firmly in being worthy to receive. When we are mindful, we are aware of our feelings in the moment. When we create an intention with any kind of resistance attached to it, that intention will never materialize. In other words, we get what we feel we deserve. Being mindful will make you aware of how you feel. If we intend to get a promotion at work and deep down feel that someone else deserves it, regardless of that intention, the job will go to someone else. You don’t feel you deserve it!

Being in the moment, feeling in the moment and being aware in the moment are the hallmarks of being mindful. Creating the life we want starts with being honest with ourselves, flushing out all negative self talk, ridding ourselves of the shame of the past and the pressures of the future. Being in the now and enjoying the view.

What is your intention for today? Tomorrow?


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