Messing With Someones Livelihood Is Bad Karma

Some of us make our living on-line. Whether you are blogging, promoting a brand or your own products, your behavior on the internet directly effects your reputation and thus your business. If you look at the influence created on the internet, you can see that most people, whether they are their own brand or work for a brand, have their pocketbook directly connected to the internet. When we think about the internet not as a free-for-all slam session with no consequences and step back and see how it has permeated ever area of our lives, we can begin to understand the importance of etiquette on the net.

Bad juju

The next rule is probably one of the most important ones if you believe in karma.

          Do not mess with someone’s livelihood (unless you really want to).

The snarky comment you make today on a blog can translate to loss of sponsors for that blogger. The mean tweet that you share with friends and laugh it off can cost someone their job. We do not need to dig through billions of posts, tweets or comments to come up with real life results from negativity on the internet. Do you really want to be responsible for that?

We make the exception for politicians because their decisions directly affect our own lives and our opinions are more based on our own survival rather than a judgment.

Come back tomorrow for more rules.

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