Mental Health Routine to Shut Up that Inner Nazi for Good

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Occasionally, our inner Nazi goes on a jag and won’t shut up. We have all experienced racing thoughts. We have all experienced sleepless nights where our inner Nazi shows off and creates mountains out of mole hills, plays worst case scenario to the extreme and in all the imagined horror, you end up penniless, loveless and even limbless. Our inner Nazi is not our friend. It is the resting place of all our insecurities, neuroses and negativities. There is no place for our Inner Nazi when we choose to live a life free of anxiety. By creating a mental health exercise routine, you will find that you feel happier, healthier and more confident.

Mental Health Routine to Shut Up that Inner Nazi for Good

1. Focus Out: One of the ways our Inner Nazi takes hold of us is through a little trick it calls perseveration. Perseverating is the act of repeating to the point of an obsession. It’s the cornerstone of worrying. We forget that worrying is also the act of eroding or destroying something by rubbing, scratching or biting. This is what these thoughts do to our resolve. When we focus on something else, these thoughts are unable to take root in our minds. Focusing out is a great technique to use whenever you feel that you are worrying or feel that you are falling into a depressive state.

2. Journaling: For those of us who have a difficult time focusing out, journaling may be your answer.  A journal can keep your inner most thoughts or mental ramblings. This is a tricky way of focusing out without letting your mind in on the trick. There is a therapeutic theory that irrational thoughts can be dispelled with a little something called ‘reality’. By writing down your thoughts you bring them to the light. Reality therapy challenges all irrational beliefs. Most of us, unless we are psychotic or fanatical, are unable to maintain irrational beliefs when surrounded by the truth.  This is the equivalent to opening up the closet door and showing the child there is no monster in the closet.

3. Exercise: A professor I had a million years ago told us that the secret to mental health is doing what mentally healthy people do. It sounds very simple but the reality is that the mind is a muscle and we need to train it to be healthy and strong. One of the best ways to do this is through exercise. Now, we are not asking for a marathon or some cross-fit session flipping monster-truck tires. We are encouraging people to take a walk, have sex and generally resort to being psychical when that Inner Nazi is working on some sort of neurotic adrenaline.

There are so many ways to stop that negative internal monologue. The best thing to do is find what works for you and use it. DO NOT let it get out of control. When the first whiffs of a worry or thought rant comes into your mind, quash it. This will create more peace of mind and ultimately make you more relaxed.



  • AllThingsChic

    such an important lesson!! thanks!

  • 1momof5

    Thank you for these tips! I have always been a journal-keeper (though these days my journal tends to be in the form of a blog). But the tip to “do what mentally healthy people do” is something I am going to keep tucked in the back of my mind so that I can remmind myself often.

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