Mental Health And Cows

Rumination is the root of many mental health issues. When we allow our minds to dwell, fret, stress out and excessively worry about something that may never happen or something you can never control, you are creating your own anxiety. Today, we are going to give you some healthier behaviors to rid yourself of the ruminations or at the very least, limit those pesky thoughts.

Stop Ruminating

1. Meditation: We know. We have said this so many times before. Many think of meditation as a spiritual practice akin to praying, and it is. However, meditation is also a practice that helps us control our thoughts. Meditation was created for the purpose of controlling our thoughts so that our thoughts do not control us.

Let’s start with simply breathing in through our nose and out through our mouth for 5 minutes. Try out this website and commit to doing this at least once a day.

2. Talk about it: Most of our perseverative thoughts tend to range from fatalistic to absurd to completely ridiculous. When we say things out loud, we bring our deepest, darkest secrets into the light and let our friends and loved ones talk us down and point out the lack of reality within these thoughts. Talking about those crazy thoughts reduces our stress and distress. Don’t be afraid. We all have the crazy thoughts.

3. Monitoring our thoughts: One of the self-help tools anyone can use is simply some punishment. Wear a runner band around our wrist. When pesky thoughts come up, SNAP! We know. It seems simple and it is. When we learn to monitor our thoughts and pair it with a little pain, we also are learning to control our thoughts. This technique is used in addiction also. Why? A habit is a habit and rumination is the root of many bad habits.

4. Distractions: One of the things that we do when we ruminate is waste our mental energy on thoughts that do not serve us. Distraction is not just a euphemism but a real technique that interferes with our constant catastrophizing. Think of it like creating some ADD for our unhealthy thoughts. Ooh, mangos! Whether we do push-ups or turn on some music and do some dancing, a distraction needs to be a complete about face from the thoughts and we have found that activity is the best form of distraction. Take a walk. Do some sit-ups. Make out with your significant other. Do something.

Next up on CoupleDumb, some printables to help with your anxiety.

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