Mega Bloks

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          How do you get little boys to play for hours with the same toys? You give them building blocks. With Mega Bloks your kid’s imagination is the only thing that can hold them back. Mega Bloks have been part of our lives since we had our first child 17 years ago. We liked them better than the other building toys since they were larger, easier to manipulate and generally safer. With 6 and 3 year old boys now, our home is a Mega Blok metropolis. We have skyscrapers, forts, castles and even the occasional blaster.[ad#Digg]

          We had 8 kids over the house with their parents to try out some Mega Bloks. We brought the toys out a couple at a time and all we could say is the kids made quick work of busting out the blocks and start the building. It was really amazing how excited they were to try out new pieces Mega Bloks Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship, the Play ‘n Go Table, Building Imagination Bag (80 pieces) and several Mega Blok vehicles. The parents and the kids hit the floor and started building and playing. It was a while before we realized we had spent a few hours laughing and building without getting bored. This included the adults! By the end of the building, we had a multi-leveled city complete with marina, freeway and homes.

          The next day was our favorite because our boys got up before us and played quietly with their Mega Bloks. Now, that’s a toy a parent has to love!

          Thank you Mega Bloks for the samples but of course our opinions are our own. That’s the way we roll.

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