Marketing In The Modern Age

This is what we do for a living. We write. Obviously we want people to read what we write. Unfortunately in this age there is a lot of other stuff that goes in to getting others to read what we have written. Things like page ranking and Quality SEO are all kinds of important to us. We watch our Alexa. We check our Google PageRank and we keep an eye on our Klout. These are important to us because it is from these numbers that we set our price point. The better our numbers, the more money we make.

Because of this, we have become experts on internet marketing. Of course, Lee is a therapist and I have an MBA, so marketing comes pretty naturally to us. But now we need to work with the new technology that is associated with the internet and social media. Things like Facebook likes and Twitter followers are as important as client lists and sales staff. In the old days they called them your sphere of influence. Actually they still do call it that but now the influence grows exponentially with your social media footprint. And SEO is the search engine flip side to having a storefront and billboards.

Welcome to the new world of marketing. Fun, isn’t it?


  • Jessica Cohen

    I often wonder how they teach marketing these days at colleges compared to how it was taught when we were there. What a different world!

  • ConnieFoggles

    Part fun when I learn something new and grasp it. Part frustrating when it’s confusing!

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