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What is in your box?

We aren’t really big on Valentine’s. We know you’re thinking, “But you guys are the love gurus who are all about the romance and kissing and stuff…” Not really. We are about having a healthy relationship. Yes, there is sex in all of that healthy stuff too. However, once in a while we come upon a really cool idea for couples that we have to talk about.

I know, you’re thinking, love my what?? is like receiving a couple’s gift every month. You have no idea what you will get and the surprise is for both of you. You can get the newest toys or creams or even pasties! With themes like 50 Shades or Moulin Rouge you know you are in for a night of pleasure. It is a great way of keeping the bedroom exciting and injecting a little fun into a weeknight quickie.

So surprise your partner with a monthly surprise filled with all sorts of goodies to make your bedroom sizzle again!

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