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Welcome to the CoupleDumb special live Emmy’s blog.

We are watching E! like everyone else. Nene, Kourtney, and Jai. WTF! Apparently they were early. Noone is there yet.

6:06pm – Heidi Klum and Seal are populating the world with fashion conscience entertainers.

6:07pm – Lee is doing a live Tweet because she will not be outdone by Ryan Seacrest. Apparently, he has killed off all of the other hosts. All except Dick Clark who is immortal. Follow the Tweet @CoupleDumb.

6:11pm – Ricky Gervais is the bomb!

6:12pm – Neil Patrick Harris and his version of the gaytrix.

6:14pm – Seth Myers, head writer of SNL. Can he be as funny as Tina Fey? Doubt it.

6:21pm – Jason Segel and Ryan Seacrest have a bromance. Jason and his pocket boyfriend.

6:22pm – LL Cool J is on TV. Apparently he is old enought to be Ice T now.

6:24pm – Seth Macfarlane says we are in the Puritanical Age. Amen Brother! And then cursed. We say Amen again.
6:28pm – Christina Applegate makes the first Kanye comment. Thank you, Christina.
6:31pm – Mariska Hargitay is starting the 11th season of SVU. We don’t think she’ll win.

6:37pm – Nene is ghettolicious.
6:40pm -Jeff Probst says no Bergeron. Bergeron watches people dance. He watches people eat bugs. We give it to Probst. Doesn’t matter because Seacrest will be killing them both.

6:49pm – We are eating. Chinese food is good.
6:58pm – Amy Poehler admits to never peeing in public.
7:09pm – Sorry everyone. Boys got home, toilet overflowed and life is happening now. Ah, celebrity!

7:18pm – Kyra Sedgwick is married 21 years. Way to go, Kyra!
7:39pm – John Cryer is wearing a sweater-vest, the height of fashion.
7:43pm – Kyra is married to Kevin Bacon! Holy shit: Paul didn’t know that. Everyone is related to Kevin Bacon.
7:47pm – 13 minutes until the show. This as been as exciting as watching paint dry. Ryan, shot Probst in the face.
7:51pm – Leighton Meester: meh dress, too much mackup.
7:55pm – Thank God this fashion nightmare is done. Now for some funny (we hope.)

8:02pm – Great, from fashion hell to faux Broadway.
8:08pm – Sweet. We do not need to watch after comedy and drama because we did not bother to predict the reality shows.
8:11pm – Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy : Goes to Chenowith.
8:15pm – Hey, It’s Pussy Thingy. (Kat Deeley to those that don’t live in our house)
8:16pm – Putting the boys to bed so we can safely say words like ‘pussy’.
8:22pm – Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series: One of the 30 Rock nominations.
8:23pm – Flight of the Conchord will not be winning because they are foreigners, remember?
8:26pm – Best Supporting Actor in Comedy Series: John Cryer.
8:30pm – Haven’t predicted anything correctly. Paul is busily changing our predictions as I write.
8:35pm-Best Actress for Comedy: Toni Collette (but she is on Showtime so we will ignore this)
BTW, Justin Timberlake looks like a 19 year old lesbian.
8:41pm – Directing in a Comedy Series: Jeffery Blitz (Is that how you spell it? Do we care?)
8:50pm – Lead Actor in a Comedy: Alec Baldwin (because he ate the competition)
8:54pm – Fuckers slipped the reality before the drama. Fuckers!
8:59pm – Host for Reality TV: Jeff Probst (He dodged the bullet)
9:07pm – Best Reality Competition Show (WTF- There’s a category for this?) : Amazing Race (Not American Idol so no one cares)
9:10pm – Movies and Miniseries: How boring is your life if you sit through a miniseries. We’re not old enough to sit through a miniseries. Is Rich Man, Poor Man in there?
9:14pm – Abooologa Bombaladoo sounds like she has TB. (We have no clue what her name is.)
9:42pm – Everything is dull until the Fringe chick opens her mouth and has an accent. Where’s she from? We’re shocked. OK, back to the boredom.
9:47pm – We move back to the interesting categories. Now for Variety.
9:51pm – Best Director for Variety: Bruce somebody
Ok. We have completely lost our focus. Lee is taking a nap and Paul is slowly masterbating. Or is it the other way around.
10:09pm – Biggest laughs go to Ricky Gervais. We love anyone that can piss off thousands at one time.
10:16pm – Thank the Lord, we are to the drama category.
10:20pm – Best Supporting Actor in Drama:Michael Emerson (Yeah, we go one right!)
10:22pm -Best Supporting Actress in Drama: Cherry Jones (We have nothing to say for the woman named after fruit.)
10:24pm – Dead people time. Paul’s favorite.
10:27pm – OK, we are suprised that all those people died this year. Grim Reaper must have hired an assistant. Or maybe he outsourced to India.
10:36pm – Director in Drama: Rod Holcomb (ER – Is ER still on?)
10:37pm – Best Writing in Drama: Mad Men (OK, whatever.)
10:41pm -Lead Actress in Drams: Glenn Close (Duh. OK, she is great.)
10:49pm – Lead Actor in Drama: Brian Cranston (Not cute and meth is bad)
So, we have gotten one right so far. We do about the same with lotto numbers.
10:54pm – Outstanding Comedy: 30 Rock (Stewie is going to be pissed)
10:pm – Outstanding Drama: Mad Men (NOOOOOOO. Lost. We want lost)
Ok, we just finished a therapy weekend and we are pooped. Love you all. See you tomorrow where we are going to be talking about language. Doesn’t that sound sexy?

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