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Lee was asked for her answers to the Linky for a Leap Day questions.  Here they are:

1. My childhood nickname was Lee. Whatever you do, don’t call me Liz.  My Mom named me Elizabeth because she loved Elizabeth Taylor. In Spanish Liz is pronounced, Lee-s. My sister was lazy and dropped the ‘s’ ,thus, Lee was born. Kids in school use to call me Lizzy the Lezzy and, as an innocent little girl, I had no clue what that meant. My sister (yes she has a lot to do with my name issues) explained that that was not nice.

2. If you want to spoil me rotten, buy me a LUGGAGE! I have a thing about luggage and bags and purses. Buy me a nice piece of luggage and I would do just about anything.

3. The television character I most identify with is Mindy Cohen/Natalie from ‘The Facts of Life’. I was always told I looked like her then she went on to semi-stalk me by attending the same University and studying Sociology instead of Psychology.

4. If I had a whole day to go shopping and money to spend, I would go to Ikea. Ikea is the most awesomest store in the world. I have lots of happy memories there. Dropping my daughter off in the ball pit…eating meatballs with the kids….buying a malm and micke.

5. The most wild and crazy thing I have ever done (that I can admit to publicly) is mud wrestling.

6. The one thing on my bucket list that I am most eager to do is spend time at an ashram studying Hinduism.

7. My family will always be loyal to each other.

8. If I could spend a day with a celebrity I would choose right now I would say Adele. I like her style, singing and I am pretty sure she is a foul-mouthed chick like me.

9. In my opinion, the best invention in the history of the world is the sandwich. I can live without a lot of things but my life would be sad without sandwiches.

10. When life hands me lemons, I demand some avocados to make guacamole.

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