Like Yourself And Eat Well

Weight and body image are a big deal in our family. I have always been on the chunky side and have done all of the fad, yo-yo diets throughout my life. Right before we were married, I was on a diet were I ate less than 500 calories a day and had daily injections of pregnant gorilla urine. On the flip side, Paul was 128 pounds and 6’ tall at the time. His stories of bad self-image rival my own. He has dieting stories were he would eat up to 10,000 calories, to the point that he was nauseous and his stomach was distended.

This is feeling good about yourself

As we got older, we learned to take a healthier, long-term approach to our weight. We no longer judge ourselves against other’s standards of beauty. Now, it is all about being healthy and active. I eat right and exercise every day. If I use a supplement like TRIMSPA diet pills, it is because I have done the research and want to kick-start my metabolism. I know that I need to lose some weight. This is what is going to keep me active into my old age. But I am not going to lose sight of the goal.

Paul and I want to look good to each other. That is what matters. We want to be able to travel the country well into our old age. This is not going to work if my knees give out. So we eat our salads with tuna. We exercise regularly. We have our supplements and vitamins. Yes, his are protein shakes and mine are more like TRIMSPA diet supplements.

The other side of this body image discussion is to like yourself. I find that it is easier for me to maintain my fitness and weight loss routine when I feel good about myself. This is the thing that gets me out of bed and on the exercise mat. I can see myself as a fit elderly woman, walking on the beach with the man I love. Feeling good about myself helps me to remember that I am not exercising today and tomorrow. I am living my life to the fullest and that includes exercising, eating right, and taking my supplements.

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