Lighten Up!!!

What's the man looking for? Do you think it is a giant gerbil?

          Happy Monday everybody! We hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend for those of you who live in the states and we genuinely hope you took the time to watch the web series ‘Chris and Kate’ last week. It was an honor and a privilege to dissect those messed up characters and Chris Purnell is one sick puppy for coming up with that stuff. We are starting an introspective phase at CoupleDumb. We have discussed dysfunction and therapy. We have showed some great examples of how we screw up relationships and how too much of a good thing is not healthy. But in everything we do, from the heavy to the hippy stuff, we keep our sense of humor. What we’re saying is lighten up!

          Lee says: A couple weeks ago I was playing a softball game with my team. It was at least a million degrees outside, muggy and the solar flares were making it difficult to see the ball. Now I’m a big girl and I have no compunctions in sharing that I hate the heat. It is not fat friendly. I couldn’t hydrate myself enough and was getting really tired. At one point, the short stop threw the ball to me, the first baseperson, and it was in the dirt. As I bent down to get it, my whole body followed essentially having me land on my head. So I sucked that day. Totally!

          Why the sad, fat girl can’t play ball in the heat story? Easy, I joined the team for fun. I will not be winning a championship ring of any kind nor am I paid millions to endorse footwear because I play. I do it to get a little exercise and laugh my ass off, literally. So instead of beating myself up for letting down my team, I joked, laughed at my head stand and moved on. I had to remind myself to lighten up.

          I have found in my life that each individual carries with him/her an inner critic. Some of my friends call that little critical voice their ‘inner Nazi’. You can call them whatever you want but you know who I’m talking about. It’s that feeling of ‘you always disappoint people’ or ‘you’ll never amount to anything’. It is the voice that spouts dysaffirmations all day long to you. It is that little devil on your shoulder that tells you ‘Fuck it! One more drink won’t hurt’ right before you get behind the wheel.

          We all have the inner saboteur. This self destructive streak, with varying degrees of severity, can only be squelched with one thing; lighten up. Life is as serious as you want it to be and we create the drama we experience. We have all sorts of ways to say the same thing, ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’. Clean up and move on. Our reactions to stressors are what cause us stress not the stressors themselves. Or, haven’t you noticed some people just seem better at handling stress than others?  

          Life is not serious and taking it like that is the biggest waste of time. Life is ridiculous and awesome and funny and ironic and beautiful and bizarre. Things happen and we react. It is that choice that will design and define the rest of your life. We here at CoupleDumb suggest choosing wisely. Lighten up!

          Paul says: When it comes to inner Nazis, mine is a master. The voice in my head, who I have named Helen, was at one time incessant. I was a ‘waiting for the other shoe’ kind of guy. I’m better now. I keep Helen down to a daily word limit and she’s not allowed to use phrases like ‘they’re all going to die’. At some point, I figured that if I am going to have an inner Nazi, I also wanted an inner Krusty the Clown, an irreverent Jew who is going to go for the joke no matter the circumstance or consequence. So, Helen meet Krusty. Krusty meet Helen. She’ll be the topic of your humor for a while.



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