LifeShield to help Dads be Dads

We are big advocates of daddyhood. We work with a fatherhood non-profit to promote fathers being active with their children. We believe in dads being dads. We are not saying that moms are not important. They are incredibly important in a child’s life. Instead we hold an ‘equal but different’ mentality.  The more people in a child’s life that show love and support, the better.  If you are trying to do the 1950’s dad thing, all power to you but we do not know anyone that can pull off the Leave It To Beaver life.

Now a days, we have all kinds of permutations on parenting. We have single dads that are doing everything they can to raise their kids in a healthy and happy environment. This is where things like Home Security for Dads become important. Any time that I need to leave the family for more than a minute, I want my home to be safe. I am not just talking about the physical property. I want the people inside my house to be protected. If I can check in on my home security, I will. Also, if I can get reminders on my to-do list, this is a perk.

Bottom line is that Lee and I support fatherhood and anything that can free up a father’s time (and mind) so that he can spend real quality time with his children, we are in favor of.

This is a sponsored post for LifeShield Security through Blog Friendly PR. I was compensated for my time, all opinions are my own.


  • Jessica Cohen

    Love this, especially because I posted about dads today too. Way to go, dads!

  • I love that there’s a NFP that helps dads to be active with their kids. Times have changed SO much between when my FIL was a dad and now, and DH truly values his active time with the  kids, in part because he didn’t have that from his father (who also didn’t have that from his father, who passed-on very early.) Our kids are so lucky that their generation of fathers value time with kids.

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