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This is a story of a woman reaching her limits and, thanks to and Splash Media, I can get back some control.

Life360 to keep the crazy away

I always prided myself on having an incredible memory. I could keep my, Paul’s and my daughter’s schedule in my head and could rattle off addresses for doctor’s offices without blinking. Today, I work, I am a student, Paul has three different sources of income with their various meetings and due dates, an adult daughter with special needs and two boys under 10 who have karate, gymnastics, violin and a plethora of birthday parties and other appointments. I have found the limits of my gifted memory and things were beginning to fall through the cracks. Where was everyone? Was Paul with the boys at karate or were they at gymnastics? Was he stuck in traffic?

Good appWith cell phones, your first inclination is to call and check up on everyone. However, if my husband is driving I don’t want him picking up the phone to talk or text (that would even be worse!). In our case, our daughter is blind but fiercely independent. When she is home, she can hop on public transportation and get herself to the museums or other attractions. Calling her is usually futile since she only responds to text messages which are usually, ‘where are you?’ to assuage my Mommy fears. has given me a chance to regain some control over the crazy schedules we all have. With this incredible app that is available for both I-Phones and Androids, I can see where Paul and Jeannie are without having to bother them. I can send one text message, reminding them of when dinner is or a crucial appointment. I have also included my parents who are on the other side of the country. This way they know if I am home or out and about. It is illegal to speak or text on your phones (let alone seriously dangerous) while driving and this app gives my folks peace of mind knowing that I am not dead in a ditch or ignoring them when I don’t pick up the phone while driving. My favorite part of the app is that it also includes a Panic button which sends an alert to everyone in your circle. This feature gives me a sense of control knowing that my parents have a way to send out a distress call or my daughter can alert us if she needs help wherever she may be.

Where is he?We are seriously considering getting our 9 year old a phone for his 10th birthday. He is very responsible and the phone would be for emergencies or when Paul and I are traveling. makes the decision of getting him a phone even easier. With group chatting or private messaging going through the app itself, we don’t have to worry about the kids going over the minutes because they are constantly texting us. is invaluable in this busy time, saves us on minutes and on ‘where are you calls?’ You can get the app here.

I am being compensated by Splash Creative Media on behalf of Life360 to write this post. The opinions contained within are mine and mine alone.

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