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INSTRUCTIONS: Put a tick beside each event that is currently affecting you or has happened in the past that still bothers you when you think about it.  Add the numbers behind each ticked item and then total the whole test.

Your Health

Personal Injury or illness (44)__

Change in Health of Family Member (39)__

Sex difficulties (63)__

Your Work

Fired From Work (47)__

Business Readjustment (39)__

Change to Different Line of Work (36)__

Change in Work Responsibilities (29)__

Change in Work Hours/Conditions (20)__

Trouble With Boss (23)__

Your Family and Personal Life

Death of a spouse (100)__

Death of a Close Family Member (63)__

Divorce (73)__

Marital Separation (65)__

Marriage (50)__

Marital Reconciliation (45)__

Retirement (45)__

Pregnancy (40)__

Gain of New Family Member (39)__

Death of Close Friend or Pet (37)__

Son or daughter leaving home (29)__

Trouble with In-laws (29)__

Outstanding Personal Achievement (28)__

Change in Number of Arguments with Spouse (35)__

Spouse Begins or Stops Work (26)__

Revision of Personal Habits (24)__

Change in Number of Family Members (15)__

Your Living Conditions

Change in Living Conditions (25)__

Change in Residence (20)__

Change in Recreation (19)__

Change in Church Activities (19)__

Change in Sleep Habits (16)__

Change in Eating Habits (15)__

You and the Law

Jail Term (63)__

Minor Violations of the Law (11)__

Your Education

Begin or End School (26)__

Change in Schools (20)__


Vacation (13)__

Christmas (12)__

Your Finances

Foreclosure of Mortgage or Loan (30)__

Mortgage or Loan Less than $30,000 (18)__

Mortgage more than $30,000 (31)__

Change in Financial State (38)__


TOTAL : _______


0–149: Low Susceptibility to stress-related illness.

150-299: Medium Susceptibility to stress–related illness.

300 or over: High Susceptibility to stress-related illness.


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