Let’s Talk Hoo Hoos

My wonderful friend calls it ‘personality’. I have been partial to hoo hoo these last few years. I know, this is an uncomfortable subject but, just between us girls, are you taking care of your hoo hoo? Sure, when my daughter was little I used all the clinical terms and explained to her that the vagina was on the inside while the labia is on the outside and we wash our labia and never the vagina since, you know, it’s on the inside and it’s like a self-cleaning oven. But, ultimately, we all want a healthy hoo hoo.

healthy hoohoo

Let’s face it, we are not very nice to our hoo hoos. We wear the wrong underwear that makes it hard to breathe (yes, your hoo hoo needs air). We wash it wrong. We douche. We subject it to spermicides, talc, spanx, wipies, wiping wrong, over washing, bathing suits and body washes that only deprive our bodies of the flora it needs to stay healthy. And still, the moment we get a bit itchy, we run to the drug store or gynecologist and attack it with more chemicals!

A month ago I had the opportunity to talk with the creator of healthy hoo hoos and it was like chatting with an old friend. The topic? Our hoo hoos! Ladies, we all have them and abuse them when we should be taking care of them. Yes, save the tatas but we also need to focus some attention on our hoo hoos.

The healthy hoo hoo gentle feminine wash is the first step to pampering your hoo hoo. It is so gentle you can even use it on your face. Healthy hoo hoo is:

* pH-balanced

* Fragrance-free

* Paraben-free

* Hypoallergenic

It is exactly as it should be. Whether you call it ‘Personality’, ‘Privates’ or even ‘Peaches’, take care of your hoo hoo with healthy hoo hoo.

I was sent a bottle of this great stuff to review. All opinions are mine and my hoo hoo is very happy.

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