LeapPad Love

Last Summer, we drove 3000 miles across our wonderful country with 3 kids and 2 dogs. We planned for every emergency but especially for boredom. Our two youngest, Bobby 7 and Ricky 4, had games, coloring books, books, and even a laptop loaded with movies and games. We had their old handheld Leapster and a million batteries too! What we would have loved would have been a LeapPad Explorer and a Tag Reading System.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Leapster and Momselect, we received a LeapPad, some great games and a Tag Reading System with loads of books. Our party was held on October 16 and the kids went wild! Up here on the mountain, we are pretty sheltered.

Starting up the LeapPad was really easy. We created Ricky And Bobby’s profiles and loaded up all the free apps ( there are free apps and reasonably priced apps-also, extra games are less than 25.00!). The party started out slow until we whipped out the LeapPad and Tag Reader. The kids loved plaing the games but mostly, the kids really loved the photo and movie app. By the end of the party they had recorded a feature length movie!

The Tag Reading System has been wonderful for my 4 year old. During the party, we found the older kids 6-8 gravitating towards the LeapPad and the Tag was used by the 4 year olds. Within a few minutes, Ricky was identifying words before the Tag Reader said them! It’s a great way to help kids with sight words and they are learning while they think they are playing.

This is a must have for Christmas. My kids still won’t put it down. Their letter to Santa will be filled with game requests and maybe a case. With the games so reasonably priced, you can tell family and friends exactly what to get your children. The games are appropriate, fun and educational.

This post was not compensated however we were provided with a LeapPad,apps and games in addition to the Tag Reading System and books. As members of Momselect, we were chosen to receive these in exchange for a LeapPad party. All opinions are our own and the shared experiences of our children. The photos are limited to our children.
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