Kung Zhu!

          Tuesday is dedicated to the little ones. Soon, we will have a whole dedicated site to wrangling the little ones or to use the common vernacular ‘Parenting’. Since society allows anyone to call themselves experts, we have decided to use the term über-experts. As über-experts, we have decided to share our parental wisdom to the masses. So consider this a double post really. We will talk about some very cool toys and then introduce a very cool site that is debuting on July 26th! Oh, and if you are really good, we will tell you how to win 3 of these toys plus accessories!

          Kung Zhu! Badass ZhuZhu pets with weapons and an attitude! First of all, thanks to Cepia and BSM Media for choosing us to receive a boat load of incredible Kung Zhu. The first thing you notice about the Kung Zhu is the feeling that these guys are not unisex like their cousins ZhuZhu. These guys appeal to boys and their accessories are not cutesy homes or surf boards. Kung Zhus do their business in Battle Arenas or they go through obstacles like a hammer. You can also equip them with armor which has swords and other weapons.

          Our sons, cousins and friends had a blast ripping the boxes open and constructing the accessories. No adult was needed for the construction which is a double thumbs up from us. The boys adored their Kung Zhus and chose to sleep with them for a few nights. The best part is the portability. We can bring them individually or with some accessories without needing to load up the car with little toys. We are so happy these little guys came in the summer time. They entertain our 6 and 3 year olds for hours at a time.

If you are interested in winning 3 Kung Zhus along with their armor and some obstacles, do the following (see pic):

          Leave a comment here telling us which Kung Zhus you want.

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