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How do children learn about underwear?

This week we are talking about kids and the realities of parenting. Those without children are blessed with the fact that they don’t have to care for something that has no concept of how to care for itself except for a pet but I am pretty sure my dogs can handle themselves in a crowded mall better than my kids. However, at the end of the day, kids are a blessing wrapped in poop and stinkiness and frustration and incredible cuteness. Don’t believe us? Check out what some of our friends and fellow bloggers have to say about this.

Hillary Hoch Chybinski from My Scraps says, “Am I the only parent who has a child who thinks I’m a great artist even though you can’t tell whether it’s a bunny or a dog?”

Tara Gerner Ziegmont from Feels Like Home says “Kids are a blessing, but, am I the only parent whose children’s feet smell worse than theirs? My goodness, my two children have the stinkiest feet I’ve ever smelled. We bathe them. We wash their clothes. We rotate their shoes. And still, the odor is nauseating every time they take their shoes off.”

Rajean Campbell Blomquist from  RajeanBlomquist says “Kids are a blessing because I learn from them and something about myself every day because of parenting and sometimes that is a bane.”

Dresden Julia Shumaker from Creating Motherhood says “Kids are a blessing as every day my son reminds me that knowing and giving love are worth waking up for. I am blessed to see glimpses of my Grandparents in his laugh, in his frown, in the way he carries himself. I am blessed that after years of trying to BE a parent I get to be this little guy’s.”

Andrea Lawrence Updyke from Lil Kid Things says that her kid “Tells me that I am doing a great job (grocery shopping, putting shoes on, pouring milk). Some days the words of encouragement from my 4 year old get me through!”

Jennifer Quillen from The Rebel Chick says, “Am I the only parent who has a child who tells me that she loves me every morning when she gets out of the car for school? The fact that she wants to express her love every day – even at 15 years old and in front of her friends – it makes all of the stressful moments worth it.”

We completely respect a person’s choice not to have children. However, if you are in the question of having a kid, you may want to read more from my friends.

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