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Paul and I love technology and believe that it is a great resource for learning. If we would have had these options as kids we would definitely have grown up to be astronauts but, alas, we were born too soon. We love introducing the kids to new apps that help in the learning process. Kid Academy has introduced some great choices for early learners that we think are a must on every parent’s iPhone or iPad.

Kids AcademyThis app allows my little one to play and work on his handwriting, letters and numbers. The tracing component is brilliant. After they learn their letters and numbers, kids tend to get ‘lazy’ with some. My little one told me that he had ‘lazy 5s’ that were looking more like ‘s’ than a number. Just a couple of minutes a day tracing had him writing beautifully. I even had my 10 year old practice his letters through the tracing function to try to break those bad habits. This app also has phonics which is great for early readers or even those kids who need to brush up on their fundamentals. As the Mom of two left handed boys, being given the option of which hand they write with was a great feature. I strongly recommend this app for early learners!!

ReadingYou can tell this is an app based on Montessori methods. My son loves the stories and the music keeps him entertained during long car rides. Their tracing feature is my favorite part because it is helping him refine his writing. Kid Academy does it again!

Sing AlongI remember singing Bingo to my daughter when she was little. Kid Academy has included a bunch of old favorites with a new twist in this app. I love hearing the little ones sing these. Learning should be fun and Kid Academy makes sure it is! They learn their letters in a meaningful manner with the Karaoke Mode. Great use of salient research to help little learners!

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are ours.

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