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One of the best parts about getting older is gaining the wisdom of experience. One of the not so great things about getting older is your body refusing to do what it use to do. Like dancing all night and waking up without an ache. Or, playing with your kids without hurting your back. Or, shopping all day without having aching feet at night. I can understand overdoing it but walking? I’ve been walking all my life and never had so much as a twinge in my feet.

          This is why I never paid much attention to my shoes. I bought whatever shoe style I needed that matched what I would be wearing and didn’t break the bank. I only shopped for shoes in discount stores because I rather spend my money on fun things. Shoes were like underwear, I had the really nice ones I wore on special occasions and the utilitarian ones that saw the most wear. However, with age came the realization that the off the rack shoe was not cutting it anymore. My feet hurt but more importantly, my back hurt after a long day of walking.

This is why I have no reservations singing the praises of Kalso Earthware Shoes. I was blessed to receive a pair for this review and I have not taken them off since. I have put them through their paces. I spent the afternoon playing with my boys. I took them to Vegas and chased my Mom all over the casinos. I went grocery shopping, clothes shopping for a 5 year old and took my daily walks around the block. The verdict? The Kalso Shoe is unlike any shoe I have ever had before. Aside from being sporty, light and cute, they supported my foot and the unique negative heel made sure that my posture was perfect with my body positioned over my frame.

Another amazing thing that the Kalso Shoe did for me is that it made my size 11 feet look petite! These simple shoes with incredible engineering made me feel good and my huge feet look good.

Now, this is the cool part about doing this kind of work. I get to giveaway another pair of Kalso shoes!

This is all you have to do to win a pair of these amazing shoes….go to their website, pick a shoe you like and leave me a comment below telling me which one you loved and why. That’s it!

I will randomly pick a winner on May 12, Noon PT!

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  • And the winner is…(drum roll)…Rick.
    Rick, we will contact you directly via email.
    Thank you all for entering. Sorry about the messed up comment system. I think that we got it fixed.

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