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#JordWatch  What do you give the man who has everything – namely you? I ask myself this all the time. My man is simple. He has tastes that run from the extremely geeky/nerdy spectrum to refined. He likes the nicer things but also is a minimalist. When I shop for him, I go for metaphor since that appeals to his creative side as well. For Valentine’s, I would like to give him the gift of time. What better way to show this than a gorgeous wood watch from Jord. In one beautiful piece of wearable art, the watch tells him that he is both unique and timeless.

Pretty Wood

The Jord watches are not your everyday watches that are massed produced and exact clones of the one before. The wood adds a sense of uniqueness. No piece can be the same since every piece of wood looks different. Each Jord watch represents craftsmanship and an attention to detail that is evident in every timepiece. It is not only functional and efficient but is rich with details from the very wood they use to create these timepieces.

Nice FaceThe faces of Jord Wood Watches are also a thing of beauty. You do not need to lose functionality and can choose from intricate timepieces to simple faces that add to the richness of the wood.

This Valentine’s, I will give my husband a Jord Watch that is as rich, deep, and beautiful as he is. The best part is that I can share that with you as well. Jord Watches is giving away a gift certificate (value $139.00) to one of our lucky readers.Mark of quality

If you want a watch for Valentine’s you can order them by 3pm on Tuesday (2/10/2015 – USA only) and they promise it will get there for your special someone on that special day.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Alex. You will be getting an email from us shortly.

Thank you to Jord Watches for giving us the opportunity to write about and review their gorgeous watches. All opinions are ours.

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