It’s OK To Masturbate

Sex. CoupleDumb likes to bring up the subject a few times a year to remind everyone that sex is a normal function. What we usually don’t talk about is how the outside world messes up our sex-life. If it isn’t the government getting in our business, it’s the church or our parents or family members that do not approve or society saying it has to look a certain way. Sex has become a topic of discussion with the same passion rating as discussing taxes or the economy. Sure, it will get you hot but not the fun kind of hot.

Eye Chart and sex

This week we have been discussing masturbation and this topic gets as much outrage from some groups as flag burning. Have you ever wondered why? We know everyone does it (mostly). We know that it is a natural sexual response. We know that it relaxes people and teaches them to understand their body and how to make them aroused. We know that masturbation is a great cure for a headache and even migraines! So what’s the big deal about a little self-pleasure?

In a word: SHAME

Shame is the killer of all erections and orgasms. People are vocal about masturbation because we were taught that it was dirty and, because we did it, we were dirty. Then we grow up and continue to spread the lies that masturbation is a dirty thing and tell our kids that they will grow hair on their palms and go blind and become crazy and a sex fiend and like acid jazz and tofu!

Remember Dr. Joycelyn Elders? She was the American Surgeon General for about 5 minutes because she had the audacity to recommend that encouraging kids to masturbate may curb the spread of AIDS. What a fiend! She was saying that masturbation was healthy and may help kids avoid acting out irresponsibly due to lack of sexual release. Dr. Elders, a pediatric endocrinologist, was a strong advocate of teaching Sex Ed to children. People with incredible sex shame hear this as a call to have third graders swinging and having orgies during recess. Educating kids about sex is the first line of defense against the shame-filled troglodytes who think that Sex Ed is ridiculous. Of course, these same Neanderthals would prefer that everyone learn about sex the way they did- looking through Daddy’s magazine collection and getting misinformation from your older sibling and fumbling around in the back seat of a car.

Masturbate. Teach your kids that it is O.K. to do it. Explain that sex is a beautiful thing and we need to be responsible. Sexual Education is important in the classroom and at home. Arming your children with the right information will safe-guard them from learning to feel ashamed about that part of their life. We know we don’t like thinking of our children growing up and being sexually active but the bigger horror is thinking that they will grow up and have horrible sex because we were too afraid to speak up.

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