It’s Not Just Politics. It’s Personal.

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I use to be a Republican. I registered to vote on my 18th birthday. I voted for Reagan for my first presidential election. Back then, the Republican Party was simply the fiscal wardens in Washington – small government, big business. The social programs to help the poor, old and disabled would handle themselves if we allowed business to make big money. Every first lady since Jackie Kennedy was pro-choice including Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush and Laura Bush. In fact McCains wife is Pro-choice.  You could be pro-life or pro-choice without it affecting your political career.

Today, this is no longer the case. Today, your social agenda is completely political. Sure, we can say abortion is a personal choice but now politicians have begun invading not only your choice but even your experience of rape, labeling it legitimate, forcible or a method of conception. We can no longer ride the fence and say things like ‘I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal’ because we can’t vote that way. We can no longer be pro-equality and vote Republican.

The lines have been drawn. Some politicians like Condoleezza Rice thinks she can have these schizoid philosophies and still support the Republican platform. She thinks she can support the Romney Ryan ticket without compromising her belief that abortion should be kept legal and that LGBT Americans should be given the same rights to love and have a family. She actually supports Romney who has said he will bring back Don’t Ask Don’t Tell during a conflict. WTF?! She supports a man who has stated that he would create a Federal Marriage Amendment, defend the Defense of Marriage Act and would appoint anti-gay judges to make sure those gays stay in their place.

Condee supports the Vice Presidential candidate who created legislation using language like forcible rape with none other than the Mensa Man himself, Todd Akin. He has recently used terms like ‘method of conception’ when trying to defend his previous positions on rape and abortion.  Ryan also voted against overturning Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Ryan voted for the Marriage Protection Act to prevent people from touching DOMA.

Not only this, Condoleezza Rice supports a party who wrote in their platform that they would fight to overturn Roe v Wade and protect marriage from the big, bad gays. And, it is rumored, she did not get the VP nod because she is pro-choice and pro-equality. So Condee, are you really still a Republican?

Here is the deal, if you are a Republican and you support gay rights and your gay friends, you cannot vote Republican. A vote for Romney is equivalent to telling your gay friends, ‘fuck you!’  You can’t tell the women in your life, ‘I love you but I’m voting Republican because I support whatever they stand for except for that bit where they are attacking your rights to your private parts.’  You can’t vote Republican and be pro-choice or pro-equality because the party is no longer flexible on those issues. Or in words that Republicans can understand, you can’t be a little Republican just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant.

Sure this is harsh but it is time for Republicans stop acting all crazy and see what they have created. They have created an extreme that no one can live up to. So look around. Your cousin Phil, who lives with his life partner Marco, is watching you. This isn’t about a Senate bill. It is about a person’s life. It isn’t about building roads. It is about denying someone a choice. Voting has never been clearer. If we vote for Republicans, we are saying we do not care for women or the LGBT community. And, no, it’s not just politics. It’s personal.


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