It Is Time To Free Birds

I love George Takei, all the way back to his Sulu days. We have a vision board in our how and he is on it because he represents an ability to redefine and recreate one’s self. So when Free Birds started with his voice as Steve, I knew that I would like the movie.

Free Birds

Free Birds, which features the voices of Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler, chronicles the life of a smart turkey (among many not-so-smart turkeys) as he goes back in time to stop the culinary part of Thanksgiving. We were part of a Twitter party as we watched it. According to the comments, the premise seems to be a winner. George Takei voices the operating system for the time machine that the birds accidentally hijack.

We announced a giveaway of the BluRay pack. If you have not already entered, you only have a few days left. Go to this post and add a comment.

Deadline for entry is February 16, 2014.

The Blu-ray Exclusive Features:

  • Birds Flipping History
  • Animating Free Birds: The Main Course
  • Winging It: Animators in Action
  • Talking Turkey with Composer Dominic Lewis
  • Shake a Tail Feather
  • Theatrical Trailer

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