Invisalign was not around when I was 7 years old

The other night I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation on Invisalign and all I could think about was “Invisalign was not around when I was 7 years old”. When they asked me to write about my experience with braces all I could think was, “So you want me to talk about all those school pictures where I don’t smile?” It sounds funny but it wasn’t. I was born with a horrible under-bite which made my smile look more like a bulldog. The worst part was that my Orthodontist, Dr. Weiner, and no, I didn’t make that up, had one too!!! His smile was horrible! At the tender age of 7 my orthodontic experiences began and just got worse from there.


I spent 8 years visiting my Orthodontist. After 4 years, I moved on to get braces on the bottom teeth and after 2 years I had those removed and then he put braces on my top teeth. I know, what the heck was he thinking? I remember the worse time I had with my braces was in 7th grade. I was getting confirmed and my Mom planned a nice dinner at a local restaurant and the whole family was planning on attending. The same day, right before the service, I went to the orthodontist. That night, while everyone feasted, I sat at the head of the table, miserable, in pain.

Invisalign is a miracle alternative to what I endured. They can address most orthodontic needs and for virtually the same cost as regular braces! My 9 year old is going to need orthodontia and we are committed to making the Invisalign teen work for him. There removable aligners make it easier for teens to brush well and you can still appreciate their smile without all that extra metal. Being an adolescent is tough enough on a kid but with Invisalign there will be less discomfort, excellent results and no need to worry about the dreaded brace face pictures!

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Disclaimer: We were compensated for this post but all opinions and traumas are our own.


  • CaseyJones1

    Invisalign wasn’t around when I was growing up either.  These kids don’t know how good they have it now.  I remember not being able to eat so many things because they would get stuck in the braces.  It was terrible.  

  • HollieTruesdale

    I think Invisalign was around when I was getting braces, but it cost more than what my parents were willing to pay. I was always jealous of the people that could get Invisalign because I was self-conscious about my braces too. I now have more and more friends that are using Invisalign in their later years because I think it’s a little more affordable.

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