Internet Rules – Be Human

Much is being said about how people are behaving on the internet and in social media. This week, CoupleDumb will address these issues. No, we will not be rehashing all the stories because we don’t do things like that (and you will see why tomorrow). We will be giving our interpretation of what is going on based on our expertise and understanding of relationships and cyber bullying dynamics and how to avoid these issues. We will begin with the foundation that should govern everything you do on the internet, if it is an email to a friend or a comment on your Facebook page.

It is a good rule

The most important thing to remember anytime you approach your computer is that you are an adult. Inasmuch as being over the age of 18 makes you wiser than a person who is 17 and 364 days old, you are considered to be responsible when you are of age.

Thus the first rule to internet etiquette is simply:

          Be human.

You may not know how the other person feels or why they wrote what they wrote, however, you are aware of your feelings. And you are aware that judging a person may hurt. So, be human.

Check back tomorrow for more rules.

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