Infinity Band

What do you get the man who has everything? After being married for 27 years, anniversaries tend to be relegated to dinner and maybe dessert. We are bad at celebrating milestones and, since our anniversary is the first week of January, we tend to forego gifts since we just had Christmas. This year, I broke with tradition and got him a XYZlicone Infinity Band that changed everything.

ringRecently, I was noticing the horrible callous Paul had on his left hand under his wedding ring. The extent to which Paul works with his hands is limited to his finger-tips and typing. The only full hand thing he does is work out. This is why the XYZlicone Infinity Band has been perfect for him. The ring is made from silicone, looks great and is comfortable while working out.

At first, I thought he might wear it a couple of days and go back to his wedding band. To my surprise, he has worn it consistently since our anniversary and shows it off to everyone! It looks great when he is working out or going out! The XYZlicone Infinity Band is an affordable alternative to your typical precious metal wedding band that is safe for his hands. #XhibitYourZeal

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