Impressing my guests with homemade snack food

Guest post written by Jill Turner

You could say that I entertain a lot. Well, a lot of the time I don’t’ plan to do that entertaining. It seems like most of the time my guests just plan on stopping by without telling me. That’s what happens when you live by yourself and you have aunts worrying about you living by yourself. I’m also very welcoming so I’m sure that it helps that case. So I always have some stuff that I can give guests when they come over or something that I can whip up pretty easily. It also makes for great snack food for me to eat!

I was looking for a few new guest-worthy snack food recipes online a couple of weeks ago when I saw some info on debt settlement questions. I looked through it some and after that I decided to use it to explore my debt settlement options so I wouldn’t have to constantly worry about my finances in that regard.

I wasn’t specifically looking for a hummus recipe, but I kept finding them so I decided to make some because I should have some healthier snack options. I was pretty impressed with the results and will have to keep some around.

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