I Honor The Place In You

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          The definition of Namaste, as attributed to Deepak Chopra, is I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me. Well, isn’t that a bunch of whooy?

          Paul says: We live in a black and white world, a heads or tails world where no one asks why we are flipping a coin, how we got the coin, or how the coin feels about being flipped. But, damn, the outcome of this toss is all important. It is all or nothing, damned or be damned, and nobody cares that the coin could feed a family in Ethiopia for a month.

          This little dip into the cynicism pool came because I added the philosophy section to my Google feed that I read on my homepage. I didn’t know that they had a philosophy section as an option, so when I saw it I said, ‘Hell yes’ because that is the way that this geek rolls. The first thing that came up was an article about a famous atheist and I saw that as a sign from God.

          I am not an atheist, despite my degree in Physics. As a matter of fact, within my world I have always found some profoundly faithful theists in the scientific community. I do not really trust atheists because I have never met one that did not approach their belief system with the same fanatical blind faith that they argue against. ‘Come and meet as a group on Sundays and let us read non-God books and testify to the power of not-God.’

          The thing that caught my attention in the Google article was that the philosopher’s lecture was asking the question, ‘If not God, then what? What do we replace religion with?’ That is a good question because, although I am a theist, I am not a fan of organized religion (since that we were thrown out of a Catholic church and all). So this guy goes on to say that some of the things that religion offers are important. Ceremony and ritual, weddings and funerals, baptism and community meetings all serve a vital part of our culture, a part that we want to retain. Then comes the smoting and hell and eternal suffering, the damned if you do and damned for just being born, and everything goes to pot.

          Me being who I am, I researched Humanism, which is what the philosopher claimed to be. I found that in common usage, it is synonymous with atheist. I found out that not all humanists are atheists. There are theistic humanists, even breaking down to specific religious philosophies. There are Christian humanist, Buddhist Humanists, and Jewish Humanists.

           The general humanistic idea is to put the focus and responsibility on us, the humans, in this life. Even reading the atheistic humanist manifesto, there are parts that are overwhelmingly beautiful. Like reading the Koran, the Bible, or the Gita, the American Humanist Association has some wonderful, uplifting and, dare I say, spiritual beliefs. Many of them I could fully get behind as something that would make this world so much better, and others seemed dogmatic for dogma sake, like the marketing people got together and said, ‘not edgy enough. Say something that will piss off Christians’.

          And this is why I started thinking about this dichromatic world of ours. I sat on my sofa and read the writings of people that want to kill God and all I saw were kind people looking for a way to make this world better for everyone.

          Lee says: Burn the heretic! And now you know why we were tossed from the Catholic Church.

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