I am Water

That's one happy elephant

As we wind up our two week therapy rant, we would like to highlight a couple of good points: you model healthy behavior for your kids, going to therapy can be fun, Paul is a hippy-angel, L. Ron Hubbard created a religion because he was bitter and everyone can benefit from a stint on the couch. Now it’s Lee’s turn to show her freaky side and share some of her recent discoveries.

Lee says: I have used all kinds of therapy and modalities as a therapist. I especially enjoy group work since you have built in support for the clients and the therapist can be as creative as they want to be. When I ran groups, I could do didactic presentations (teaching), guided imagery, confrontation and experiential exercises. As a client, I have enjoyed the same and am willing to push the traditional therapy boundaries.

 In the work we do now, we use modalities like hypnotherapy, meditation, breath work and psychodrama. These forms of therapy lend themselves to deep work in a safe environment. I have mentioned metaphor before and this is very important in our understanding of what we discover in our sessions. One could take at face value what they see or experience or they can interpret it as metaphor and apply it to their lives. For example, in last Friday’s post, Paul explained that he was an angel. Now we can look for the wings and harp or we can see that it is another way of saying that he is special, divine and of God. It was a deeper affirmation that he accepts that he is a child of God.

In my recent work, I was searching for my essence; who I am after you peel the influence of my parents away leaving the soft creamy center. I created the intention that my essence would come to me easily and I laid down and closed my eyes and began to breath. I immediately began to see the ocean. It was deep ocean with no sign of land. If you’ve never been out that far, the water is very different out there. The water out there is a deep blue which almost borders on purple. I thought ‘huh, I thought this would be easy’ and continued to look at the water in my minds eye. And then it struck me, I am water.

The realization began to flood my brain with evidence to confirm this discovery. I shower a minimum of twice a day. Sure it’s a little OCD but I feel so comfortable in the water. Swimming has always been second nature. I find the water inviting, sultry, sexy and safe. I am water.

I am fluid and flowing. I am refreshing, cleansing and replenishing. I am nurturing and a force of nature. I am a cool, artistic individual who is connected to all. I am powerful. I am water.

It’s weird really. I have sat with this knowledge for a week and for the first time I feel that all of this makes perfect sense. I am all these things and so much more. In my core, my essence, I am the ultimate Lee. With this information, any question of ‘who am I’ is quenched. In the end, I should have always known that I was just a tall drink of water. Ahhhhhhhh!

Paul says: I, for one, love to swim in her essence. I can come up with all kinds of sexual innuendo but, to be honest, the image of her as water overwhelms me. The metaphor is too perfect. Over the couple of decades that I have known her, I have watched as she battled her nature to violently pound against the shore and I have been amused when she was surprised by her calmness and depth. I take pride that I get to sail on her ocean and drink in her essence.


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