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Have I mentioned that I am awesome? At the age of 45 I can affirm that I can now acknowledge my own awesomeness. After years of therapy which included some talk, some hypnotherapy, a bunch of meditation, a couple of rousing psychodramas, some breath work where I did some pass life stuff (yeah, real fluffy, freaky shit) and a cleansing of my essence, I can now say, ‘Lee is pretty cool.’ So to show you that I think I’m more than alright, here are some of my awe-inspiring traits:

1.    I am funny. I know I’m funny. I have been the funny one since I was a little girl working the small clubs of Hollywood (I kid, I only worked the big rooms).
2.    I am really good at flirting. This is a very important trait and I can flirt with the best of them. It is a powerful thing to harness your sexiness and I have both reins in my hands.
3.    I am smart. I’m not just a trivia master but I can synthesize information and hypothesize with the best of them. In a previous life I am sure I was just a large brain with lips.
4.    I am sweet. I am a giving person. In my youth, for whatever reason, I was made to believe that I was not a nice person. I was either a bitch or a doormat. I am neither. I am a sweetie who would take the shirt off my back for anyone (especially someone cute).
5.    I can write. I do not need to elaborate on that one. Did we mention we are one of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year for our AntiSocial Media post? Yeah, recognition baby!
6.    I’ve got a great head of hair.
7.    I am a kickass therapist. Ask any of my former clients.
8.    I am a good Mommy. I have three kids ages 18, 7 and 4. I have not killed any of them and none have been crushed or mauled in my care. I consider that a big win. Also, my kids are nice. I will take credit for that too.
9.    I am a great wife. I have been married 22 years. I keep him happy, interested and satisfied. Ask him! (Paul says: Yep)
10.    I have mad skills in certain areas. Ask my husband. (Paul says: Hell yep!)

I can go on but I won’t. Yes, like most people I can list all my bad stuff too. Like Cheryl Richmond said on a Facebook comment: ‘I can write a list of 100’s of things about me that are bad. That’s never been my problem. Finding things to say about me that are awesome? Eh. Not so much. Sigh.’

So now you have some homework. Figure out what makes you awesome. Here, I’ll help with the first one: ‘I read CoupleDumb!’ (Oh, did I mention I am a shameless self-promoter).

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